Happy International Male Chastity Day!

Hi everyone,

If you’re into this wonderful kink of male chastity and cock cages then you can’t have failed to have noticed that today is (totally unofficially…) International Male Chastity Day. The thinking being, of course, that it’s a month till Valentine’s Day – well, any excuse to lock up a cock is a good one, right?

To celebrate over the month I’ll be looking back over the last two years of posts that we’ve written and reblogging some of my favourites, perhaps with some updates too. 

Amazingly, we just hit 10,000 followers this week too which is just, incredible, so thank you all for being so fabulous.

To start with then, let’s not forget that we have a ready made 30 day programme that’s just perfect if you’re locking up for the month, or just wanting to explore male chastity as a couple – and that is our famous Locktober tasks and posts.

So, here for today’s repost is the entire set of Locktober tasks that I put my blood, sweat and his pre-cum into (lol). I encourage you to look through them and pick the ones you like most and plan to try them out over the next month.

We’ll have some new cage reviews coming soon too, and if there’s any content you’d like to see then please just message us, we’ve had a nice break from doing too much on the blog recently so very happy to up the pace again!


Tell my your favourite posts from the blog too, I’d love to hear what you guys like best!

Hi. I enjoy your blog. It is very exciting. You are very creative and kinky. And I like how you write. Just thought I would say hi and tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. What was the conclusion to Locktober for you and your husband? Regards Ross

Hi Ross, thank you very much, that’s a very nice message!

We’ve gone for our own variation on the option that let him cum at the end of Locktober. It was quite hard work writing it all as well as doing and as you know I’m more a kinky wife than a domme, so I wanted some time off from having to take the lead.

So what we are trying is him not cumming until Christmas, which is a hot amount of time. it’ll be the longest we’ve done. But  to give me a bit of a break we’re going to try him being locked up during the week, and then out for weekends! We haven’t tried that before. And obviously I’m free to vary it and surprise him some evening if I want! But he’s not allowed to ask during the week. He is in charge of date night on Fridays and can assume he’ll be getting out, and then the rest of the weekend is up to me as to if I let him stay out.

If I’m horny, I just tell him and he’ll make me cum. If I want sex during the week, I give him the strap-on to use!

It’s no ruins too. If he ruins at all he will not be allowed out the following weekend. I really want to see what effect him having no release has over a longer time – how bad do blue balls really get?

I’m looking forward to finding out!

Locktober 2016 – Day 31

Trick or Treat?

Well, my goodness, we finally got there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Locktober, however much you’ve participated! Whether you’ve stuck to the whole thing (impressive!) or just enjoyed reading it.

Today’s the big climax, well, you hope anyway… as the title of this post suggests, maybe it won’t be all that easy!

I’ve been saving one of my previous scripts that I thought would adapt well for today! As I’ve said with these before, you could enjoy reading it to him and acting it out, or just read it yourself as some inspiration of how you could play things and then improvise yourself.

Oh honey are you excited about cumming later? A whole month, you’ve done so well! We counted the hours when we started this, now I can’t be quite sure how many weeks it is since you last came.

I do love this cage, don’t you? Look how cute your little cock is in there. I didn’t even think I’d like it when you first suggested it, but, honestly, I love having you in there now.

Mmmm, feel how full your balls are, don’t you love that? Is it nice when I squeeze them like this? Can you imagine all that thicky gooey cum spurting out? Won’t that feel amazing?

I’m so proud of you baby, you’ve gone so long, held off so many times. Hasn’t it been wonderful?

Look how sensitive your body is now. Oh I love the noises you make when I tease you. Does this feel good on your nipple, how about if I… lick the other one at the same time? Mmmmm.

Oh no baby? What’s wrong? Oh dear is your cock trying to get hard? Is it mean if I do this while you’re still all caged up? Look at your cock straining at the cage. Poor little thing.

Do you want me to let you out? I will soon baby. It won’t be long now, but… not just yet. Is that okay? It turns me on so much. Feel, feel how wet I am. Mmmm, good boy, rub me while I squeeze your aching balls. Oh yes, rub me harder baby. Maybe one last orgasm before you have yours.

You’ve got so good at this. How many times do you think I’ve cum since you last did?

I know, so many! And so many different ways. But which do you think I like best baby? I’m sure you can guess. No… don’t say, show me.

Mmmm you tease, I love it when you kiss there but… use your mouth. I want you to suck on my clit till I cum. Oh god, that feels so fucking good. You’ve got SO good at this. Yes that’s it, do that thing you… oh fuck yes, you feel amazing.

Honestly honey, when you do this it just makes me want to keep you locked up forever. You never want to suck and lick me as much when I let you out. Do you like it, is your cock trying to get hard as you taste me? Oh god yes, go on, stick your tongue right in me. Mmmm so good, and back to my clit now, get me closer.

I love grabbing your hair like this, pushing you into me. Oh I just want to fuck your face. Oh push your fingers in me, mmmmm yes. Mmmm, you keep doing that, I’m just going to browse the blog again. Don’t make me cum, not yet, not till I tell you.

Oh honey is your tongue finally getting tired? I’m so close now. I love this feeling. I guess it’s how you feel all the time now. Only I get to cum, and you don’t. Well, apart from today of course!

Mmmm, you know, when I’m this close, I think really naughty things… Sometimes, I think about just keeping you in the cage all the time, until you go crazy. Can you imagine how horny you’d get, even worse than now! I’d have to find other ways to empty those swollen balls occasionally.

I even… I even imagine getting you pierced. Buying you one of those cages that you can never take off without the key. That you’d know there was no way to cheat. Wouldn’t that be intense? We’d put one of those rings through the end of your cock, our little secret. I wonder how that would feel inside me?

Right now though, I’ve got another naughty thought. Is your tongue too tired to… lick down lower? Hah, no, I didn’t think it would be. You love it don’t you! Lick my bottom, darling, mmmmm. Oh I love it. I can’t believe it but I love it. Can you believe your good little wife loves you licking her bottom? Oh rub my clit at the same time, wait, let me turn over. You can put the vibe on my clit. No, no keep it low, I don’t want to cum, not yet.

Oh fuck, that’s it, lick me harder, oh fuck I love it. Look what a slut you’ve turned me into! Your slut, do you like that baby? You like it that your wife loves keeping your dick locked up while you lick her arsehole? Oh that’s it, rub me, press harder, make me cum with your tongue there.

Oh my god, yes, yes. Keep doing that, make me cum, make me cum! Mmmmmmmmm, yes, so good! Oh fuck yes!

Okay, just let me turn back. Wow baby, you’ve been down there a long time. But, I’m not done yet, is that okay, I want to cum again. Suck my clit again darling. Oh god yes, mmmm, have you got the lube? Put some on your finger… I’m still feeling naughty. You know what to do with it, yes, keep your mouth there, suck and lick me, and, oh yes, slide it in. Oh this is so good. I should never let you cum when it makes you want to do this so much! Does it get you hard, sticking your finger in my… oh yes, make me cum, make me cum now!

Wow, good boy! That was wonderful! Oh no, you’re still in your cage aren’t you! Sorry baby, I kinda forgot. Now you clean yourself up while I get the key.

No honey, of course I didn’t mean it when I said I should never let you cum. You know it’s just a fantasy. Was it hot to hear it? Mmmm your turn now baby. Lie back and let me put those restraints on you, it always makes it feel a bit kinkier doesn’t it. My big strong man all at my mercy. Yummy!

There we go, all done! Time to sleep now I think!

What? You don’t want me to just leave you like this, are you sure? Ha I’m only teasing honey, that would be mean, even for me! Now, here we go, let’s get that nasty cage off you. What do you say?

You’re welcome. Is that better? It must feel good to be out. Oh look it’s left marks on you, that must have been painful! Is it bad that’s kind of hot?

I thought you might be harder after all that? Maybe your cock doesn’t really want to cum? No? Shall I try anyway? Okay.

Now let me get some lube, lots today I think. Mmmm that’s it, I’ll pour it all over. Oh look baby you’re throbbing. Let me see if I can help with that. Is that nice, do you like it slow or… fast. Oh you like fast huh? Oh look how hard you’re getting now, that’s so hot. It must feel so good after being in that cage so much. Are you balls aching, darling? Can you imagine how good it’s going to feel for me to empty them? Does that feel good?

No, no cumming yet, not without permission, or you know what will happen, don’t you?

Yes I’ll ruin it, I’ll just let it all dribble out and stop rubbing, so you don’t cum yet, is that clear?

Mmmm, can you still taste me on your lips? Just thinking about you down there makes me want another orgasm! Where’s that vibe. Mmmm, I love squeezing your cock while I vibe myself. Oh I’m close already. Fuck I love cumming when you’re denied.

Oh god, yes, I’m right on the edge… I want, I want you to call me things. Tell me what a bitch I am for keeping you so horny and desperate.

Oh I love it. Say it again, call me a fucking bitch. Mmmm, oh poor baby, so desperate. I love it!

What would you do, what would you do to me right now if I was tied down, huh? Yeah? Would you fuck me hard with that hard cock? Would you empty your balls deep in me?

Oh yes, tell me how much you love this. Tell me how much you love me as I cum, oh yes, I’m cumming!

Mmmmm, that was another good one! You love it when I cum, don’t you.

Now maybe it’s your turn at last… do you want my hand, or my mouth, darling?

Hah, I knew you’d say that. No talking now, I’m going to tease you just a little more.

Mmmm, did you like that? I think it’s time now, are you ready to cum? I want you in me, but you must hold off, not till I say, okay? Let me just climb on… oh look how easily you slide in me, I’m so wet!

Is that what you wanted, to bury yourself in me? No, stay still. I’m in charge. Mmm, we don’t do this as much as we should. You feel so good in me. I can just imagine your balls filling me up. Are they aching baby, do you want to spurt all your cum in me?

Oh does that feel good, just sliding inside? Are you close baby?


I… I have something I wanted to ask. It’s just, I love you being this horny. Your balls all full of cum turns me on so much. I adore how much you want me, how you desire me.

And… I don’t want to lose that, even a little bit.

I know you have earned your cum, and that’s so good. And if you want that, okay. But, you’d make me so happy if you didn’t.

I know darling, I know how much you want to cum. But THAT is what I love so much. It would mean so much to me if you gave it up. Of course you can cum if you want, but it’d be so hot to deny you again.

Don’t you love being denied, being so horny for me. Do you really want to lose that for just a few seconds of pleasure?

Haven’t you loved Locktober? All the things we’ve done?

I tell you what, you can choose… you have three options

Firstly if you choose to cum, I’m going to have to lock you up again. I want you this horny again, and I want to keep you that way.

Honestly, I want it for longer than a month… Oh yes, I’ll let you out sometimes, the cage won’t be the focus – NOvember, NO cumming, that’s how it’ll be.

If you choose to cum tonight, it’ll be the last time till, hmm, until Christmas. Yes that sounds about right. What’s that, seven, eight weeks?

NO ruins either, nope, I want you completely desperate and your balls aching.

If you DO even ruin it, you’ll be locked up with NO release for two weeks as a punishment each time. That’ll help you focus on me and my needs, won’t it darling?

Secondly of course you could have a ruin as your reward tonight, that’d be hot. Giving up the orgasm you have earnt just to please me. It’d have to be special though, not just a simple ruin. Maybe into my mouth, or my pussy, and then you take it all.

But you’re still getting a release… so you’ll be locked up without any release for two weeks, at least. I need a bit of a break from all this high intensity work, so you stay locked, and I get off as I want.

Then of course darling, you can really impress me with the third option. You ask me not to be allowed to cum tonight at all. That would be so hot. After all this time giving up your orgasm for longer.

No, I don’t know how long for. I don’t want you to even think about it.Maybe it’ll just be tonight. But I doubt it, the idea of making you go even longer really turns me on. What will you be like in another week? Another month? Maybe..maybe I’ll just decide you’re better off locked up.

Oh baby, did you just throb inside me? Is that a hot fantasy? That I lock your cock up and never let it out. You’re so bad! Good thing it’s not your decision I guess. It’ll be mine. When… if you get out or get to cum next.

Can you handle that baby, can you do that for me? Shush, don’t say it yet, think about it, let me lean in close, you can whisper your answer. What will it be darling, tell me, I’ll do it, is it ‘make me cum’, ‘ruin me’ or ‘deny me’?

You’re sure?

If he picked to cum:

Oh I love you need to cum that much… are you going to pump it inside me baby? You better enjoy it, it’ll be the last time you do for a long, long time! I hope it’s worth it, I’m going to keep you so horny and attentive.

If he picks a ruin:

Halfway house huh, are you close baby, Do you want my mouth or my pussy? Open up, I can’t wait for you to taste it…

If he chooses not to cum:

Oh I love you picked that, so hot. Good boy!

Can you feel me sliding off you? That’s it for tonight. I wonder how long it will be till you feel that again…

You just stay there and relax. I know how horny you are baby, I’m going to make sure you’re safely caged up before I undo you, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Let’s just cuddle while you get soft again. Enjoy the freedom darling. Once I put that cage back on, I have no idea when I’ll next be taking it off.

I love you so much.


I’d love to know how you got on with Locktober, and all these ideas. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. 

Locktober 2016 – Day 30

So, we’re nearly there! Well done with whatever you’ve managed through this Locktober program. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it’s helped push you to try new things.

Tonight your task is to drive him crazy! And you can use the day to build up to that. Send him notes to tease him, post sexy pictures, surprise him by not wearing underwear, whatever you think will get him the most excited.

If you have something suitable dress up a bit for tonight. It might be favourite nightwear, a certain outfit, something new!

And tonight, tie him up. Keep him caged at first, tease him, lick him, get yourself off while he watches. Take what’s worked best from the last few weeks.

Then finally take him out, hopefully he’ll have genuinely begged for it!

Use everything at your disposal, hands, mouth, breasts, pussy, bottom. Put on some porn if you like that. Very simply see how many times and for how long you can edge him.

There’s an amazing article by one of my favourite blogs, healthysexymarriage, that talks about the idea of ‘breaking’ him through edging. While you’ll see we debate that actual term, if you can achieve what they describe, just wow!


Make it very clear if he cums, you may not even reward him tomorrow for having got through Locktober. And obviously ruin it… but be careful not to take him over, we want it all stored up for tomorrow!

Locktober 2016 – Day 29


So, pegging, we’ve finally got there! If you’re not familiar with the term, it is where the male partner is penetrated by the female partner, with the aid of a strap on.

I was never really interested in this, and it was one of the few things we hadn’t tried until we got the strap on about a year ago as part of our developing chastity play.

On the whole, my advice is to think about this just like you do if he’s using a strap-on on you. It’s a toy! It’s held in place with the strap on harness so it leaves your hands free. But it’s just a different way of using a toy.

But, okay it IS more than that. And this is part of the excitement of it.

Clearly there is a big element of power exchange in this, but for us it’s actually been a remarkably sensual experience when we occasionally do it.

But as far as the power exchange thing goes, there are two fascinating things I’ve found as we’ve explored this over the last year. It is INCREDIBLY empowering to be the one doing the fucking. It’s hard to describe. It’s just switching everything around when you become the penetrator rather than the one on the receiving end.

It’s almost like those switch movies where the guy goes into a woman’s body and vice versa, it honestly gives me a greater empathy and insight into what sex is like for my husband!

And conversely the same is true for him. In part it’s a similar experience to anything anal that causes him to be aroused or hopefully cum without his cock involved. It totally widens his impressions of what sex is and can be, and I think that’s a very good thing.

A warning that I’ve never seen anyone mention, this will be painful, for YOU. Yep, you will use muscles doing this that just never usually get that movement, well this is my experience anyway. So the next day I was all achey. Which is fascinating because it’s so natural for a guy.

This means first time you may not actually be able to do it for very long. That’s okay! If you’re both really getting into it then you can lie on your back and he can, for the first time ever, try being the cow..boy? Anyway, cowgirl position with him sitting on the dildo. And yep, that’ll make HIS muscles ache! lol

That isn’t all that aches, of course. For those of you who like, or have at least tried being on the receiving end of anal sex, there is an achey throbbing feeling of being fucked there. He’ll have that too, that’s normal.

As for some of the practicalities, here are some of the headlines, but I’ve added some great articles from other sites with all kinds of tips too.

  • Make it sensual, not dominating, at least at first. Treat this as kinky love making rather than some fantasy domination scene. His body is DESIGNED to be able to take pleasure and orgasm from stimulation of his prostate, so this can be an incredible experience.
  • Get him to be nice and clean beforehand – a shower and bottom wash is great but an enema a few hours before will get him even cleaner.
  • Use a condom on any toy that isn’t just for anal only (it’s SO weird putting a condom on yourself!!!)
  • Use lube, lube and more lube, you can never have enough. Lube the toy yes but literally push it against his bottom and squirt it up! Or else lots of it just gets wiped off as it goes in.
  • Foreplay to relax him is great. A lubed finger is perfect, or playing with butt plugs. Again use all of that as a chance to get lube in there.
  • Take your time. He’ll need to relax, get used to it, and relax again so no hurry, talk, touch, tease, play with his cock too.
  • Uncage his cock so you can wank him too. It’s so hot. One hand on his cock, one on a nipple and pegging his bottom, he’ll be in heaven.

Of course the big question is whether you can make him cum like this. It took us four or five different attempts before we got that right. Now we have it seems to be easier, and we’ll even do it with him caged so the stimulation is ALL from the peggng.

But cumming isn’t the entirety of this experience, simply doing it is the big thrill, and really worth trying.

Some other site for more advice:



And a great site ALL about it:


Some good Tumblr captions on it here: http://pegmecaptions.tumblr.com/

And also another with photos but non dommey stuff: http://sensualpegging.tumblr.com/

Pegging Positions

Despite nearly every picture on Tumblr being of pegging Doggy Style it’s one of the worst and least successful in my experience. Him lying down as in the picture further up this post is good for aiming and slowly working the tip in.

Spooning is my favourite as it’s all snuggly and I can whisper in his ear and play with his cock and nipples and the rest of his body as we do (reach your lower arm around under his neck).

We’ve tried him lying on top too, that kind of works but I think you need a longer toy for it to work well. But sitting up, cowboy style works well but wasn’t as sexy as me doing it to him.

But face to face is also a favourite. This was the position that first made him cum from it and OMG…looking into his eyes as I made HIM cum from fucking him – absolutely incredible.


You need a good quality strap on and a nice not too big dildo (most of the ones in the pictures are ridiculous…), plus some good lube

This is the one we use from Lovehoney, it’s wonderful, it works just as well on me as it does when he wears it. It has different fitting sizes so it can take the bigger dildo we love to use on me. But slim, curved, silicon one it comes with is PERFECT for pegging.

Find out more and read reviews on Lovehoney

And finally, this made me laugh…

Locktober 2016 – Day 28

So we’ll continue the theme of plugging today if you have one, but it’s going to be combined with that I think is key in any relationship, a date night!

We didn’t have date nights routinely until a few years into having kids, when friends told us to get them sorted or we’d never get any romantic time. They were right!

So today’s a chance to have another date night. See the impact of this time of chastity exploration has had as he takes charge of the evening. Food, something to do together, a movie or something else you both enjoy.

And as I said, add caging and ideally butt plugging to the mix to see what effect that has had.

Tonight in bed the focus should be about you, but I’d suggest if you are letting him out, a good edging to get him really horny for tomorrow would go down well.

Because tomorrow, we’re going to try pegging!


Locktober 2016 – Day 27

So as promised, butt plugs are coming into play today in order to get us more relaxed for the weekend.

So, if you’re able to, try getting him wearing it during the day, at least for a while. I find that it acts like a hornyness accelerator. It gets his balls full faster, turns him on more, it’s a brilliant accompaniment to caging.

And of course you can leave it in him for your playtime tonight too. I especially like him wearing it when he’s using the strap on me as it stimulates his prostate as he’s thrusting and he ends up dripping out of his cage, so, SO hot.

Just use today as an opportunity to discuss how it feels and what it does for him. If you have two plugs you can always wear one too, make it a shared experience!

They do take time to get used to, so if it gets uncomfy, just take it out. But give it time to settle, remember to use lots of lube to put it in.

If you’re squeamish about this, and I get that, I really do, please try and just push past it today, just so you can try it out. Particularly on guys the bottom is a source of all kinds of pleasure, and it’s really worth at least trying it out to see if you’re missing out. Taking it out in the shower is the easiest way to have no clean up issues at all, but just babywipes do great otherwise.

So yes, as suggested above, try some strap on sex with him plugged perhaps, a perfect opportunity to remind him soon that the tables will be turned! Or just have him go down on you!

And if all this isn’t for you, just pick something else from this month or have a night off!

Locktober 2016 – Day 26

Sex, the way you want it

So we haven’t actually had much sex during this Locktober. And I guess that reflects how it sometimes goes with caging, we tend to have less penetrative sex, but much more actual sexual time together.

That’s a mixed blessing. I do miss him in me, but I don’t really miss the mess he used to leave, and the fact when we’re making love, he tends to get focused on what feels good for him.

What we’ve done more and more over this year is uncage him to have sex, but he doesn’t cum, which again is a real mind fuck, but refocuses him on enjoying it but keeping control. The rule has become that if he does go over, he has to pull out and ruin it on me, and then clean up. This is surprisingly hot, so it’s a bit of a win-win for me.

It also makes him cumming in me the pinnacle of pleasure, he keeps getting tastes of it but it makes him long for it so much more. And that feels right, I don’t want blowjobs or hand jobs to take it’s place as what he really aches to have.

I also use it as a tease, when edging him with my hand, for example, I’ll say ‘i would let you cum but I want to save it all for my pussy, and I don’t want to get messy today’. What a great excuse to not let him cum, leaving him thinking and wanting you even more!

So today you have a few options. If you’re enjoying restraining him you could do that again and uncage him, and do a mix of grinding on him and cowgirl sex to edge him.

If you would prefer him to do the work, then you can lie back and have him go down on you (let him make you cum this time, before he gets in you) and then have him fuck you till he edges, with the ‘ruin and lick’ provision in place if he goes too far.

Make it personal, get some eye contact, kiss, tell him how much you love all this. Tease him.

And then, if you’re feeling a little mean…at some point whisper, ‘I want something bigger’ and have him wear the strap on. If you leave him uncaged with the strap on, in missionary position his cockhead will rub over your bottom… it feels amazing and is a HUGE tease for him!

If you’re feeling even meaner, you can lock him up of course. Or never let him out in the first place, and just use the strap on. You really are in control now, enjoy it!

Some advance warning. This weekend, as promised, we’re going to try some sensual pegging (where he’s penetrated with you wearing the strap on).. So, firstly if you want to try that and don’t have one, you will need a strap on harness and dildo. Secondly, it’s well worth him getting used to some play there by using a butt plug, so it’s easier and you can both enjoy it more. So if you don’t have one, here’s our recommended ones – the Roll Play Plugs from Lovehoney. I’ll include some tips for him wearing them over the next few days.

Locktober 2016 – Day 25

I hope your lock up continues to go well!

He probably thought he might be getting out tonight if he didn’t manage your criteria from yesterday…. he isn’t! lol

A bit of an adaptation on a previous post today. You tried, I hope successfully, to give him a caged orgasm last week. Tonight we’re going to try edging him in the cage!


The same options apply as before really – use a vibe on the cage, use a vibe on his prostate or a toy in there! But this time, no cumming.

If you haven’t watched the video I posted yesterday, let me really encourage you to check it out. It’s utterly fascinating. And while not anything attractive, just treat it as a bit of a biology lesson on just what a man’s body is capable of, because omg, he’s having his mind blown:


And of course, don’t forget he’s to pleasure you however you want. That’s the focus now, that’s the point. Enjoy!

Locktober 2016 – Day 24

Going down, and staying down

So a nice one today, some training for him, on going down on you.

He’s going to stay caged, and spend the entire time down between your legs.

But this time it’s a game. You see you have to set some secret criteria. 

An amount of time, and a number of times you cum. You don’t tell him what they are, just that you know.

If he meets BOTH those criteria then afterwards you can reward him with a nice long edging. Otherwise he just stays locked up.

I’d go for something like half an hour and four orgasms but you could make it harder or easier. If he’s not done it much then his tongue will be worn out after 15 mins or so. But he can use fingers or a vibe to mix it up!

Get somewhere comfy for this. Lying in bed is of course a good start but it’s often easier if you’re on the edge of the bed so he can kneel and be more upright – he can breathe more easily and move around more. Or sitting on a sofa is hot, or lying back in a chair like 

So while he goes down on you, you can do what you fancy! Read a book, put on some TV, browse Tumblr. I’d personally go for something sexy, read some erotica, watch some porn, let him hear that, comment on it, tease him… so good.

A few things you can do to make this sexy for him too.

  1. Be vocal. Yes, you are putting it on a bit but that’s OKAY! It turns him on like crazy and actually it’s really just letting it out. When he gets something right, make noises to show him! Say it feels good, swear under your breath.
  2. Grab his head, his hair, press him on you – so hot – even rub yourself against him
  3. Tease him – remind him of his caged cock, how much you love it, how it must be straining, dripping, that you should just keep him like this, all you need is his mouth now
  4. Instruct him – don’t just leave it all to him, take control sometimes, tell him what to do – lick my clit, tongue fuck me, suck gently on my clit, finger fuck me, stick your finger in my…  – it’s fun treating him like a sex toy! And then, of course, tell him, ‘make me cum now!’ when you want to
  5. Be daring, try some bum licking – try lifting your knees up and telling him – lick lower… or simply rolling over and presenting your bottom to him – then rub or vibe yourself so you cum while he licks your bum

Here’s a few captions I found that might inspire you…

Source: Fairchastity

Source: Meangirlcaptions

Source Clickthelock

Source Clickthelock

And lots more from just searching:



And remember if he hits his secret targets… reward him. Or don’t! Your choice 😛

Isn’t this the greatest?