Father’s Day Chastity Gift

This Father’s Day give your hubby a real thrill he won’t forget.

1. Get him worked up – tell him you have plans for him later, maybe accompanied by some fun tumblr posts

2. Once in bed, if you can, tie him up! Whether you use proper restraints or just some silk scarves or ties, it always makes it more intense

3. Play something sexy in the background – on a tablet or TV, getting some favourite porn going is a fun treat on Father’s Day, even if he just gets to listen to it

4. Start teasing – warn him that no matter what happens tonight, he’s going to end up locked back in his cage, and the amount of time depends on just what he gets as his Father’s Day gift

Get into it yourself too, grab a vibe and edge yourself as you play with him and tease him – don’t cum yet, it’ll help you be meaner! 

5. The rules of the game are as follows (you can change the numbers and options to suit your level of intensity but here’s what I’m doing)

Days locked up before your next orgasm:

  • Handjob – 2 days
  • Blowjob – 3 days
  • Sex – 4 days
  • Anal sex – 5 days
  • Being pegged – 7 days

You could just pick the highest he asks for… or… you could add them up (that’s what we’ll do! So a handjob, and blowjob, finished with sex, would be 9 days.

But that’s just for receiving those, there’s a multiplier!

If he has a ruined orgasm, the days are doubled

If he has a full orgasm, the days are tripled.

Or he could just be left, balls full and desperate, to only get the basic amount.

So best case scenario would be a father’s day handjob for just two days lock up, but without cumming

But a handjob, BJ, sex then anal sex where he cums, which would be 42 days!

While you’re doing all these, remind him how much time is getting added on, that’s so hot. If you want to fuck him, whisper that if he cums it’s going to cost him 15 days locked up! 

Once he’s cum, or you’ve stopped, try and lock up his cock before you release him, trust me, if you can it’s super hot!

Our rules, for whatever is the outcome, is that he’ll get regular edges when locked up, BUT if he cums before the time is up, he will be locked up without release for the rest of the time (this works REALLY well as a rule for us).

I hope that inspires some of you! Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day!

Jane xxx

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea: Revitalise your sex life by getting a cock cage


It’s a little over a year now since we bought our first cock cage. We just added it as a fun little addition to some other toys we were buying. Little did we know what an amazing, and wonderful transformation it would bring to our married sex life!

We’ve been married over ten years now, and have two kids in primary school. And despite us having a very active, and kinky sex life when we first got married, like many others, becoming parents really took the wind out of the sails of the intimacy and fun we shared in the bedroom (and everywhere else at times!).

So many of the good habits we had, making time for each other, being romantic, getting sexually creative, trying new things, sharing a naughty intimacy… well, they’d fallen by the wayside as the pressures of parenthood meant they were harder to find time and energy for. 

We knew it was an issue, and we did some things to address it. Date nights definitely helped, finally getting family to look after the kids while we took the very rare ‘dirty weekend’ away was great too (when we didn’t just take the opportunity to sleep…). 

But to my utter incredulity, the single most significant breakthrough in revitalising our sex life and getting it all back on track (and better than ever in many ways) was the exploration of chastity play, and specifically the purchase of a cock cage to use to enliven our sex life.

If you’re reading this and are sceptical, I totally understand. A year ago I would have been too. I’m very open to try new things so was happy to give it a go, but had absolutely no expectations it would be more than amusing to try once!

I could not have been more wrong.

As you can read in this blog, much to my amazement exploring this together has absolutely revitalised the intimacy in our marriage and our sex life has genuinely never been better. 

And so, I thought with Father’s Day coming up we’d use it as an excuse to prompt some readers of this blog (and there’s thousands of you now!) to actually try it for yourselves!

I’m putting together some ‘beginners’ guides’ to help you get started exploring this together, but as I do that, I want to encourage you to take that next step.

If you’re the woman then you could safely do this as a surprise if your partner has ever hinted he’s interested in exploring this. If you’re the guy then I would recommend you don’t go down the surprise route… maybe show her this and say it sounds worth checking out… what does she think?

I’m posting this now as it means those overseas could still get the free postage offers from Lovehoney and get the required bits in time for Father’s Day on 19th June.

What to get?

There’s no question what you should buy if this is your first time exploring this. You need a CB-6000S cock cage (or the larger CB-6000 if you’re bigger than 4 inches when flaccid, or ‘The Curve’ if you’ve got a huge one!) which is the most popular there is, and for good reason. You can have 25 different size and spacer configurations so it’s the best chance of a good fit you can have, and ideal for first exploring this.

I highly recommend you buy it from our favourite toy store, Lovehoney, for the simple reason they give you a 365 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Yep, if for any reason you don’t like it, you just send it back for a full refund. You can buy cheaper fakes on ebay but the one we had came with rough edges, and split, catching hubby’s cock very, very painfully. Trust me, you do not want this! Buy a real one and if you don’t like it get ALL your money back, much smarter.

CB-6000S from Lovehoney

You should also buy a good lube if you don’t have it, they’re the secret to making wearing a cage comfortable. Silicone lube is the way to go in our opinion.

Exclusive special offers link – currently for the US you can save 20% off any spend over $250 and get free shipping too (code

OFFER2050). But I think this runs out today! UK offers vary, click the link to find out the latest.

So get it ordered, and I’m going to be adding some beginners guide to this (I’m also creating a ‘safe’ version of the blog on WordPress which has all the more racey pics and posts removed – which is something I’ve been asked for a lot.)

If I can be of any help in the meantime, ask me a question! But if this is something you’ve been waiting for ages for an excuse to get, now is the time!

This is my new mission, to get lots of lovely couples enjoying a new intimacy and excitement about their sex lives together. So try it, you won’t regret it!