Dear Jane, Your tumblr blog keephimcaged is fantastic. I have learned a lot and borrowed a number of great ideas from your posts. As with a lot of us on Tumblr, I am not looking forward to the Dec. 17th changes. Do you have another blog or an alternative? Cheers

Thanks for ALL the lovely comments about this everyone. Sorry for the slow reply, busy with real life!

What a shame this is, it seems like they are taking the lazy, easy way out and closing down what can be a wonderful, positive, and sexy community.

However, as far as I can see it’s not a complete disaster. The blog won’t be closed down, it just won’t let us use pictures with genitals or women’s nipples (how stupid is that). Now obviously that cuts out a lot of what I reblog, and that’s sad, but all the advice and tasks and things I write should be fine. So firstly we don’t plan on going anywhere.

However hubby was clever and saw this all coming and so you may have noticed that the blog is actually a proper website name so make sure to bookmark that so you can always find us.

So the plan will be to make that into a website where you can always find us and have some of our basic advice and stuff on there, and then keep this blog going without the naked pictures. But it’ll be a good way of communicating with everyone.

If we find another way of creating a stream of hot pics and captions which is what we mostly use tumblr for anyway then we’ll be sure to share it.

I hope that answers your questions

Jane xxx

If I could follow one blog on tumblr yours would be it. If I would let one faceless and fictionalized blog-mistress cage me it would be you. Practical, smart, sexy, mean and sweet! Please keep at it. Who knows maybe you’ll become famous and your ideas will seep indirectly into my wife’s world….In the meantime I’ll check you first. D

Well thank you, I think. I’m not sure what a fictionalised blog mistress means but I’ll take it as a compliment…

The idea of the stuff I’m writing at the moment is to give something really low key that you could maybe try to introduce to your wife I hope. It seems like that’s one of the really big challenges in all this. From all I’ve read on the forums most of you guys into chastity just totally overdo it when trying to introduce it to your partner. You do stupid stuff like surprise her with your caged cock etc. And I get that you’ve got all horny and obsessed about it but that’s just not the way to go about it.

Also your expectations tend to be way to high, so you’re jumping from nothing to ‘be my mistress’ and again that will fall flat on it’s face.

But here’s the thing, this stuff really works. Okay, so I started out open to kinky stuff when we explored this first, but originally I was absolutely naive about any kink and vanilla as they come, so I do get where many are coming from.

However both in my life and the many women I talk to about this, the benefits of all this, TO US, are real, in terms of the actual stuff we care about – greater intimacy, more attention from our partner, a renewed sex life, just having fun together, better communication, much more and better orgasms. This is the actual stuff that will get us into this, not some magic transformation into the domme of your fantasies. But if you get the intimacy, and fun, and communication bit right then I think, for most of you, you’ll be surprised just what we’ll be prepared to try, and get into – and trust me, the reality is way better than the fantasy.

Huge fan! Definitely got us into enjoying October in a different way. Just wondering what you guys do on period week?

Thanks so much! Well, originally when I was the one being denied, hubby used it as an excuse to go ‘anal only’ which drove me crazy and… yeah I kind of loved – trust me I was as surprised as anyone.

Nowadays when it’s me getting the lion’s share of the orgasms I tend to use it as an excuse just to keep him locked up, and maybe get my feet rubbed! I’m on contraceptives that mean it’s usually very light so I’m only out of action for 2-3 days. 

So on the whole I’d recommend you use it as an excuse to be unfair and mean and keep him locked up – there’s something remarkably satisfying about a guy suffering because of a period lol I have made it worse by making him spend time finding hot tumblr things for me to look at when I’m feeling more up for it, knowing it’ll make him ache even more. 

Gosh I am getting mean aren’t I.

Oh, and I’m not averse to teasing him with my bottom, ‘Remember when you just use to fuck here on my period darling? Wouldn’t that feel so nice now? How ironic your tongue gives it more attention than your cock..’ kind of thing 😀

Jane xxx

Hi Jane, love the blog, but wanted your advice. Last year my husband and I had such fun with Locktober but this year he’s been very busy with work and it just hasn’t happened to my disappointment. I feel a bit down about it, which is such a contrast to before. What do you think I should do? T xx

Hi T, thanks for the message.

Look, I don’t want to be rude, but this isn’t brain science (or maybe it is, it works so well!). You have everything you need to fix this. It’d be lovely if it all came from him and none of it fell on us, but honestly, when has that ever happened, not with my hubby to be sure! Is it fair, nope, but it only takes one simple thing to fix it so be a big girl and take the step.


It’s as simple as that. If you are both into this, that will fix everything. His libido will explode, and stay that way. 

Like I say again and again, if we had a pill that did this we’d be force feeding it to our husbands or slipping it in their dinner without a thought!


And make it fun, if I were you. I’d act all sexy (this is literally what I’ve done a few times now actually, I get the same thing), ‘come to bed early tonight darling’ kind of thing. Post some really hot stuff to your shared tumblr, get him all excited. Then, tie him up. Give him a blow job and handjob that he TOTALLY doesn’t deserve. Because you know,  you’re actually being mean, and it’s so much fun to turn your annoyance into meanness, for you both.

And when he’s right on the edge, begging to cum (be VERY VERY CAREFUL not to tip him over by accident with this game). You say, ‘It’s a shame I had to initiate this, darling, if you had, I’d have made you cum so hard right now…’ and you reach over to the cock cage you have waiting, and leave his cock throbbing in the air while you explain just how it’s going to be.

And how it should be, I’d suggest, is caged without release for at least three days. And after that, he does NOT get out of his cage unless you’re feeling like it, it’s for him to make sure you’re in the right mood, not just by rubbing or licking you, but by the stuff that really makes us feel sexy, being appreciated, having jobs done around the house, surprising us with gifts or dinner. 

He has literally given you the key to make him behave like this. SO USE IT!

Once you’ve explained this send him down between your legs to show you how sorry he is, and start flicking through all my Locktober tasks to pick the ones YOU fancy doing.

I promise, in a couple of days, or more likely just an hour of being licked to as many orgasms as you can handle, you’ll be thinking to yourself, ‘Why am I so stupid and forget how well this works for us both?!’

But that’s okay, I’m here to remind you! And yes, I have to remind myself of this too, that’s okay. But we really need to be better at just loving this amazing thing we’ve discovered and not be silly enough to forget how well it works!

Let us know how you get on!

Jane xxx

Dear Jane, What a great blog you have created, describing and illustrating sweet denial with a loving edge and creating a magical image of yourself. Your modest statement “So, while I sadly don’t look like that any more” stands in contrast to the fact that in my eyes and those of many male readers, fantasizing about your unheard voice, unseen eyes and unfelt touch, being teased and denied by your words and your distance, you’ll always look “like that” or better. Your man is lucky indeed. Thx, D

Thank you very much D, that’s very sweet of you!

Jane xxx

Hi Jane I thought you might be interested. My husband was unfaithful to me a couple of years ago which all came out and was very painful but we got through it. However I’d seen a show called Californication where the wife put her husband in a cock cage which led me to research them, and find your blog. Long story short he agreed to be caged to give me reassurance it couldn’t happen again, but the main impact was it totally revitalised our sex life. He’d never gone down on me before, but does all

… the time now. We talk about sex very openly now, his libido is focused on me and it’s wonderful. As much as I wish it hadn’t happened in some ways I’m glad because things are so much better now. For our 20th wedding anniversay this year, he got his cock pierced (my idea) and the extra reassurance that there’s literally no way to remove it is both a comfort to me and a turn on for us both.

I’ve gone from a sexless marriage and infidelity (and yes the two were clearly related I know that) to a very intimate and renewed relationship thanks to the wonders of male chastity and inspiration from your blog. So I just wanted to say a big thank you and also encourage any women unsure about this, who hopefully haven’t had the trauma I did, to make the most of caging and enjoy all the wonderful upsides! Anna.

Wow Anna, thank you so much for that, it’s a huge encouragement!!! I’m sorry you had to go through that but so glad it’s worked for good for you both.

I’ve had exactly the same thought, that if hubby were unfaithful I’d insist that piercing and caging was the outcome. Initially to punish him, but then to get that reassurance (I mean, that’s what they were created for for women originally isn’t it!). I even think if he worked away a lot I’d suggest it. He’s done a few work trips where I’ve sent him caged and it was such a turn on just knowing he couldn’t even have a wank – although without piercing I know they’re all theoretically escapable. I have a fantasy about taking him to some really pretty female piercing… technician is it? And explaining why he’s getting a ‘prince albert’ as they call them.

Anyway, sorry, getting off track! Thanks so much for your message. I’m sure it’ll be a real encouragement to many to give this a go.

Jane xxx

Where did you find the first image of your header? I’ve been looking for the second and fourth cage models for months! Great blog btw


They’re all available from Lovehoney – the second one is just the standard sized CB-6000 model and the last one is called The Curve I think, it’s for biiiig cocks as far as I can see.

Lovehoney Cock Cages

While you can get these cheaper as chinese knock offs we do highly recommend Lovehoney because they offer a no questions guarantee – so you can try out the cage, and simply send it back or change it out without any problems – which is really useful when you’re trying cages as some just fit and some don’t. Also the fake one we once bought split while he was wearing it and you should have heard him yell when it pinched him, it actually drew blood. Not cool (but quite funny).

The bonus with any of these CB ones is that they have a clever fitting system with different size rings and spacers so you get about 25 different size options by mixing them all up.

The CB6000S was the first one we ever tried and we still use it sometimes because while metal ones are great, I find the whole transparent thing really sexy when he’s trying to get hard, just completely encased and unable to touch at all. Plus if he’s got to go through a metal detector it’s what he wears for obvious reason.

They’re a great starting point, even if you graduate to metal ones later, so give it a go!

Jane xxx

Hey Jane! I love your blog – my bf and I have been playing for only a few weeks, but it’s been good so far and your blog has given me helpful advice, so thanks! :) One issue I have is that his padlock always pokes me in uncomfortable ways when I’m cuddling with him, I think it’s because the corners are really sharp. Do you have advice or tips? My email address is mshieldsnyc [at] gmail btw, since I don’t have a tumblr account myself. Anyways, thanks for your blog – both of us enjoy reading it!

Hiya, yeah we have stopped using ones with padlocks on for that reason and because they clonk around when he moves lol. Most of the new metal ones from places like Toys4NaughtyBoys or shops like this on Amazon come with very neat little locks built in, which is far more convenient, even if it does hold quite the same symbolism as snapping a padlock shut 😛