A sexy denial and post orgasm torture vid that I hadn’t seen before!

You have to click this to play I think (Tumblr’s being weird) but there’s a couple of great things in this vid. Firstly the way she talks to him while using the vibe is really hot, I love the dynamic between them.

But also, it took me a minute to figure out what she was doing to make that snapping sound and it’s because he’s got a condom on in the first bit and she’s pulling it back and letting go of the tip. I’ve never seen that before but that looks like quite a fun little pain thing to try!

how many ruined orgasms can a guy have, back to back? and are the dry orgasms after that harmful?

Our record is five, and I’ll actually be seeing if I can break that again this weekend. And no, the only issue with the dry orgasm is they are really hard to do at that point. He either needs a good cock ring or viagra to keep him going that long! (I was going to suggest using both but actually that’s probably a really bad idea!)


It really is a mesmerizing moment when they turn into little fountains like that.  I totally get her facial expression.  And love the fact that his cum is about to be lube to torture an overly sensitive penis!

Alice had her friends over for coffee when the conversation turned to sex. In a moment of unusual openness she mentioned how much fun she’d been having recently ruining her husband’s orgasms.

Her friends were instantly fascinated, they’d not heard of this before. She explained how it gave him a little release but kept him horny and attentive, an idea they could all understand. But, how was it done, they asked?

‘Hubby’s working at home today, give me a minute and I can show you!’

Oh honey, does that feel good, do you want to cum. Do you want me to empty your big, full balls? It’s been so long now!

God I love your cock baby. I want to watch it squirt for me, but don’t cum yet, okay, hold back for me.

Oh baby, I didn’t say you could cum yet! No that’s naughty! I’m just going to have to ruin it!

No you can’t try again! Look at the mess you made! It’s straight back in your cage you bad bad boy! I don’t care how horny it’s left you. Another few weeks will help your self control, I’m sure!

Source: http://xgifs-xvids18plus.tumblr.com/ (such great gifsets there, I hope it’s okay to caption them like this – do follow him for the originals!)