No questions, I just wanted to let you know that my Wife has very suddenly become much more confident using tease and denial recently. In no small way I think your Tumblr posts and advice have contributed to this and I really want to thank you. She was having fun before anyway, ever since she agreed to be my Keyholder. But in the last few weeks something has clicked and she is having FUN! Keep up the good work, you are incredible.

That’s so wonderful, I’m delighted for you both!!!

It’s a real encouragement to hear feedback like this, thank you so much!

So I just got this message:

I really love reading your locktober-post! This is one of the first ‘stories’ that is written from a women-perspective and is realistic. I hope to see more posts about it. I want to try out this with my wife

Thanks for this, but the reason they’re realistic is we are really doing this! These aren’t ‘stories’ but something we thought we’d try out ourselves, and share with others because we like doing that. And I know for sure that other couples are doing it to, so yes, do try it out!