Non-orgasmic activities #2

Ok, you have him naked and on his back. Remove his cage. Once uncaged, masturbate him. Watch him carefully. If you want, tell him to let you know when he is close. You can tell him that if he has an “accident” he will stay locked with no teasing for a month. Get him to help you, but don’t necessarily believe him in the beginning.

Tease him any way you want. The objective is to get him close to orgasm without letting him get release. Getting him very aroused is just as good as bringing him right to the edge. While he may think it is for his fun, your real objective is to keep those hormones flowing and reminding his body of what it is missing. You can do this over and over as many times as you want. If you keep it up long enough, he will actually lose the ability to come for a while. Just remember, no orgasms until his release date!

When you are done, lock him up again and have him lick or finger you to as many orgasms as you like. 

This basically nails it (although I’d say something like a month but not mean it, just to fuck with him).


Enforced chastity 

The main point of enforced chastity is to transfer control of the caged male’s sexual pleasure from him to his keyholder. It is a power exchange. As keyholder you need to maintain his sexual desire throughout his waiting time. He has to be desperate for release in order for him to truly feel sexually controlled. To keep him that way, you will need to stimulate him on a regular basis without providing him the opportunity to orgasm or ejaculate.

An ultimate expression of your power is to replace his scheduled orgasm with a ruined one. This is very frustrating to the male and will imprint strongly that you, in fact, own his pleasure. Since ruined orgasms do reset his physical need for orgasm, if not his mental one, they should not be intentionally given before his scheduled release date.

Sex for you is independent of his pleasure. You should use him to give you orgasms whenever you desire them. If you want intercourse without him ejaculating, you will have to train him to hold back. This can be done through punishment for accidents and with training aids: multiple condoms and/or numbing cream.

Your male has asked you to control his ability to get sexual pleasure. It’s up to you to assert that control and have fun in the process!

So this is the essence of what we do. But I think the big difference with what most chastity blogs on here say is that we don’t do it for crazy long amounts of time! It can be as little as a few hours, or a day or two most often. We’ve done it for a week as the longest time we ever did it. And then we rarely put it back on again after that denial has finished, we do other stuff.

However, the cage does come off MOST DAYS, as for me the intensity of it isn’t about how long I’ve kept him denied but edging him every day (or even a few times a day) and then putting the cage back on.

With the week long denial I’d unlock him first thing, quickly wank him for about three minutes, and then send him to the shower, he was allowed to wash, yes touch, but not wank, and then I’d put the cage back on him. Then pretty much most nights (five out of seven maybe?) we played for about an hour which was a mix of him pleasing me and then finally taking the cage off while he was restrained, edging him a few times, leaving him like that as I read a book and putting the cage back on when he’d gone back down.

Yeah, it was insanely sexy, for us both.

I’ll talk about ruined orgasms in another post. 😀


Okay so this is something to do early on that I found hilarious and really quite revealing, helpful I guess.

You have to have had him caged a day or two at least for this, with some intense teasing, and you also need to have perfected the art of edging him.

So he’ll be restrained, and you take his cage off, and just start the session as you might any tease or restrained wank.

But then as he get closer, you say ‘I think this might be a good time for you to answer some questions…’

Watch his face… it’s very funny.

My favourite questions have been

  • what do you really want to do to me right now? (umm I then let him out and he did it… not quite the plan but so hot!)
  • what are your favourite fantasies?
  • how often do you masturbate, where, how?
  • what porn do you watch?
  • how long do you fantasise about me keeping you locked up in this cage?
  • what do you really want me to do while you’re denied?
  • which of my friends would you fuck if you were were allowed?
  • what would you do to her?
  • what question do you most hope i don’t ask (lol – evil)

A serious health warning with this though, you may find out some things you don’t want to know. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask! Make sure you only ask things that the answers should excite you.