The ruined orgasm challenge

So I saw this on and loved the idea but there were bits of it I didn’t like so I’ve changed some, hope you like my take on it. I’d keep him caged in between most of the tasks, just to add to the experience, but I guess that’s not necessary, just fun!

This is a challenge for couples, in which he accepts to have all his orgasms ruined until all “10 ruined challenges” are achieved. All the challenges must be completed before being allowed a real orgasm. The challenges can be done in the order of your choice but try to finish with the last one.

1 – Jerk off in front of her and let go of your cock as soon as you start cumming. You can cum on your own belly or on the floor…

2 – She must edge you with a blowjob. When you start to cum she will let your cock out of her mouth and just watch you squirt.

3 – You must fuck her and ruin your orgasm on her skin, and then lick it up

4 – You must be eating her out, in 69, or sideways 69 or her sitting on your face as she jerks you off, and she is to ruin you as she orgasms herself.

5 – You must have 3 ruined orgasms in one hour with her help. If you fail, the task won’t be completed…

6 – You will be edged five times during the day, starting in bed in the morning, and then only ruined last thing at night in the manner of her choosing.

7 – You must find a way to cum in her mouth with a ruined orgasm and then she will kiss you and you share the cum

8 – Have a ruined orgasm while fully clothed. She will “dry-hump” you over your clothes and stop all stimulation when you will start cumming…

9 – Have a ruined orgasm after being teased and denied for at least 2 hours. Try to shoot the cum into your mouth for fun…

10 – You will be tied while she will tease you. After ten edges she will make you cum and only stop rubbing as you ejaculate, but then immediately resume and use your cum as lube to keep masturbating you while you’re super sensitive. She must not stop unless you use a safeword. Have NO mercy! The objective is to make you orgasm again but she can stop after at least ten minutes of ‘torture’ if she doesn’t think you will. If this is the last one then the second orgasm can be a full one as your reward for finishing.

Thanks to “Teasingfun”

How to edge him

I’ve talked about ruining an orgasm but haven’t actually discussed the practicalities of what we do much more, which is edging. So that’s playing with him and masturbating him right to the edge of orgasm but NOT letting him cum.

Along with teasing this is the basic trick with caging him. Most days he’s wearing the cage I’ll remove it and edge him, once, if not twice. Maybe a quick one in the morning (often not even a real edge just playing with him) and then something intense in the evening (which might be one edge or lots in a row!)

We can go longer without letting him out, I’ve kept him locked up for three days without relesae, but he just getting annoyed by then and that’s no fun. 

Another good reason for this is to keep it clean. We’ll often use morning uncagings as an opportunity for him to shower for example. So I’ll take it off him, a quick play, then he’ll go and shower and take it with him to wash it. I don’t really care if he plays with his cock there as long as he doesn’t cum.

So yeah, I know, it’s all boring and practical but welcome to real life 😛

The real trick with edging is know how to get him as close as possible without him orgasming! If you play around with denial yourself you’ll know that feeling of edging – of being so close to orgasm but just holding back. There’s nothing like it… But it’s all well and good doing it to yourself, you know how close you are. This is the challenge when doing it to him.

Here are some tips:

  • Make him tell you how close he is! Kind of obvious, but let him tell you when to slow down, when to stop, keep talking to him, ask him how it feels, what is best. You’ll soon get the hang of it.
  • Feel for his body tensing – him holding his breath, arching his back or tensing are all signs he’s getting close, learn to read the signs and don’t worry if you go over, you’re learning!
  • Move from strong to soft strokes, and from the shaft to the tip – you kind of want to get him to the edge as fast as possible so you can spend more time at that point, so for me it’s lots of lubes and fast but not too tight strokes, and then as he gets closer, move to a looser grip and then focusing on the head and frenulem (the strip underneath the head at the top where they’re most sensitive).
  • Make it his HIS fault if he cums. So firstly, if he does cum, you ruin it, you stop rubbing as soon as he climaxes. OR if he’s tied down you turn it into post orgasm torture where you use his cum as lube to keep rubbing his cock and say things like, ‘You’re so naughty, I didn’t say you could cum!’

When you DO make him cum then make that part of the tease too. When you plan to make him cum it’s a great time to practice edging! Just use it as an opportunity to see just how crazy you can make him where you’re not worrying about finally taking him over.

Oh and you can add a mean element with this line, ‘If you can hold on for five minutes I won’t ruin you when you cum, okay baby?’

Mind fuck.


Walk the line, dance on the line, but don’t fall over (or there’ll be a big mess!)

Get in his head – tease him about something he really wants

My husband has wanted to have anal sex with me for years but I’ve never really fancied it. We play around with the idea and I kind of like  him rubbing iti when I’m really turned on, and he likes me playing with his bum but no, never had his cock in there.

Until now.. lol

You see I got the idea of teasing him about it when he was caged, I’d sit above him and rub myself against his caged cock and then found myself saying, ‘I bet you’d love to stick it in my bum right now’

I think the cage nearly burst.

So then I said some more things like, ‘You know it’s funny, I never really wanted it before but if you weren’t caged right now I think I’d love it. What a shame’

‘Would you like that baby? Would you like to stick your hard cock in my virgin bum hole? Do you want revenge for me locking you up?

I swear if he wasn’t tied down and caged he’d have buggered me right then! It was SO HOT!

I haven’t seen him want me that much since the early days of our relationship.

The irony is that the whole thing turned me on so much I actually let him do it to me on our wedding anniversary… and confession time, I really loved it (yeah I know, Im’ dumb for never trying it before) (Make him research how to do it well when caged too, that drove him crazy but it meant even our first time was good!)

Protip – you can never use too much lube!

It may not be anal, it might be all kinds of things you know he wants sexually but haven’t done, but teasing him when caged is a great idea. Maybe it’s having sex somewhere public, swallowing his cum, a facial, cumming on my boobs, whatever – try it!

Post orgasm torture

So this one is crazy. I would never have thought of this until hubby suggested it.

When the lucky sod finally gets to cum, post orgasm torture is simply, that you don’t stop stimulating him


I’m not kidding.

You will get thrown across the room.

But that intensity is so fucking hot!

But yeah, arms tied tight, and legs too or you need to be sitting on them really firmly or well out of the way of them.

How to do it

Giving a hand job or blow job or good old combination of the two.

And then I tell him I’m going to do it, when he’s really close, that I’m not going to stop, that I’m going to keep on wanking him even after he’s cum – sometimes he kind of likes the idea, he won’t soon, trust me. Other times he starts begging me not to, I like that.

Basically as he cums, you just keep going! I love to use his cum as the new lube, so I’ll put my hand over the top and make it fall right back down, and then I just go for it. He says there’s nothing like it he’s ever experienced, and he hates it and loves it all at once.

So yeah, keep wanking him, it’s all about the head of his cock, the rest not so much. Give it a good minute or two if you like to hear him beg, or just 20 seconds to give him a shock.

And of course, climb on! Why not fuck him while he’s writhing around… it’s quite funny, not very sexy though.

My absolute favourite video of this – it’s so cute and she does it just the way I do, kind of apologising to him, half meaning it, but just keeping going. SO HOT.

If you have kids like us, you seriously might need to gag him! lol

I’ve told him I’m going to make him take Viagra and do this all evening one time – ‘no you’re fucking not!’ he replied. But it’s amazing what he’ll agree to to get that cage off his cock…


Okay so this is something to do early on that I found hilarious and really quite revealing, helpful I guess.

You have to have had him caged a day or two at least for this, with some intense teasing, and you also need to have perfected the art of edging him.

So he’ll be restrained, and you take his cage off, and just start the session as you might any tease or restrained wank.

But then as he get closer, you say ‘I think this might be a good time for you to answer some questions…’

Watch his face… it’s very funny.

My favourite questions have been

  • what do you really want to do to me right now? (umm I then let him out and he did it… not quite the plan but so hot!)
  • what are your favourite fantasies?
  • how often do you masturbate, where, how?
  • what porn do you watch?
  • how long do you fantasise about me keeping you locked up in this cage?
  • what do you really want me to do while you’re denied?
  • which of my friends would you fuck if you were were allowed?
  • what would you do to her?
  • what question do you most hope i don’t ask (lol – evil)

A serious health warning with this though, you may find out some things you don’t want to know. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask! Make sure you only ask things that the answers should excite you.

In the beginning..

Welcome to our blog, this is our first post and I just wntaed to explain what this is for.

A few months ago my husband surprised me by suggesting we cage his cock. I didn’t really understand why and was shocked at first but its turned into something very exciting for us both.

The reason we’ve started this blog is because a lot of the things we find on tumblr about chastity and tease and denial either focus very much on the man being submissive, which my husband certainly isn’t, or for really stupid amounts of time, which neither of us really enjoy much.

Actually my husband is pretty dominant in the bedroom and out of it, so the things I’d seen about caging a cock before didn’t really fit well in my head about it but we’ve found it can work really well even in that dynamic.

So we’re going to try and share some of our thoughts on how this has worked for us and try and repost some of the best things we find on tumblr that fit in with how we think.