Hello Jane, We have love Locktober and I’m a little sad to see it cumming to an end, but I’m really looking forward to the pegging tonight. Because of you my wife for the first time had me lick her bottom before bedtime and then left me all hard and caged, it was incredible thinking about it the next day at work. Just wanted to say thank you for expanding our lives. Thought of a few additional month Nomember, DoneEnoughCummingember, JustAnalember, FullEnoughBallsuary, MoreAnalReleasech – John

Hi John, you’re so very welcome! I’m so glad to hear you’ve having fun with it. I hope she is enjoying it as much as you!

Jane xxx

I absolutely love your blog. A few weeks ago, I was sharing sexy pictures from tumblr with my GF and didn’t notice the device on the male’s cock. She asked me about it and I proceeded to find out about male chastity. It clicked in a big way and I’m now locked up. Your blog has been a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Thank you for your time and effort. The Locktober series is fantastic! Keep up the good work! 

Thank you so much! That’s so encouraging to hear.

Jane xxx

Hi! Awesome blog! Married couple here to, I have used a cage since I was 15, for medical reasons, and we both love it 👍

Thank you so much @swedishnaturist

From 15, wow… but, medical reasons? How does that work? I’m so intrigued! Did a doctor prescribe it?!!!

An intrigued Jane xxx

I’m doing Locktober for the first time under the strict key and guidance of both my Mistress and Madam. It’s been many years since I’ve been locked up this long and I wanted to say thank you for all your fantastic Locktober content.

You’re very welcome, thanks for the encouragement!

J xxx

Some lovely feedback

I just want to say Thank You! You have helped me enjoy this experience in many ways. Also helped me decide to get my wife which now is my keyholder involved in chastity play. I have been following you on here and on Chastity Mansion for some time. 

I love both blogs. I have shared your info about locktober with my wife/KH and asked her to follow her to follow your guild lines and tasks to the T for the month. Your intro about you as a couple is the same as ours. 

As a new couple into chastity we look forward to following your blogs with you continuing to give tips, advise, tasks etc.. again 

Thank You!!

Not a question but a thank you! We have dabbled in my lady having control, but normally I’m the dominant one. Anyway, she would be great at the physical part, but verbally easy on me. Our first locktober and she’s taken her mental game up a couple notches with your blog’s help. Keep the mind fuckery coming! I promise not to peek.

How wonderful, thank you, that’s just how I hope it’s being used.

I have some ‘scripts’ and roleplays that I’ll be introducing further into the month that should be a huge help for that too!

Jane xxxxx

Hello Jane, Thank you for doing this again, we are so excited about Locktober starting, and yes after coming three time yesterday, I’m locked up, now for the long month like you guys. It’s a little of nervousness as I have only been locked for two weeks, so this is a push. Surprisingly my wife is also excited about this month and trying new things. John

Hi John, yes very similar to us! We’re not sure how it’ll go either and honestly if we’re not having fun we’ll just change how we do it. But the concept is exciting and very interested to see how it becomes after about the ten day point knowing that’s only a third of the way!!!

Good luck!

Jane xxx

Thank you

After reading your post on Locktober to my Mistress/wife. She has decided to go into Locktober wholeheartedly,she is looking forward to your posts and to my reactions from carrying out any and all things she desires
Once again
Thank you

You’re welcome, I hope you have fun with it!


You recommendation of the girthy king cock was bang on. I was finally able to fit it (anal! 😳) yesterday. My goodness..! So big, so full but mind blowing! I can’t wait to try it again. Thank you!!

Wow, I haven’t even TRIED that in my bum! I do threaten hubby with it sometimes though, lol

But yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it!

King Cock Extra Girthy from Lovehoney

Goes brilliantly in their strap on which is currently on sale for just £20! (The dildo that comes with THAT is so nice too, and perfect for anal, for him or me).

Will you be doing locktober again this year?

We will indeed. The plan this time is to update content from last year, but add different levels, with more beginner options where appropriate, plus a ‘Full lockdown’ version where he’s caged up the entire month! (That’s what we’re going to try, hubby’s nervous!).

If anyone has any other thoughts on what they’d like to see included, now is the time to let me know!

Jane xxx