You telling your friends is a big fantasy for lots of guys.
But you don’t even have to do it to have fun with it! You can just threaten it, or ‘wonder what they’d say if you told them’.
Or ask questions like ‘who do you imagine me telling?’
You can EVEN say you’ve told a friend and not tell them who, true or false, just to mess with them. That’s fun!

As much as I loved my chubby hubby I decided to try an experiment.
As I locked the cage on I told him, ‘This only comes off for edging if you’ve run, or done weights that day.
On a weekend it comes off if you’ve lost 2kg since your last weigh in, and you can do ANYTHING you want to me. But otherwise, it stays on…“
That was 18 months ago, and look at him now!
He doesn’t have to lose weight any more, but I keep him in the cage still, to keep him motivated to stay that way, and I just love him horny all the time.
All my girlfriends were amazed, they asked what the secret was.
I got him to take this picture to explain…Suddenly all their husbands are looking fitter too.