Suggestions wanted…



It’s our wedding anniversary in just over a month and I thought it’d be fun to see what my followers come up with as suggestions for me to do to hubby in the run up till then!

So submit them to me or reblog and put them in notes to this post! 

Thank you!!!

Well, obviously first up is he doesn’t get to cum between now and then. In fact the most incredible thing my Wife did to me recently was to make me think I was going to cum on my birthday and then the lovely wonderful horrible woman denied me then as well!!! 

I would love to be shown how to use bondage ropes properly, as in an artistic Shibari (sp?) sort of way, so you could find out if there is anyone near you that does courses or something? That would be an incredible anniversary present. 

What lovely suggestions, thank you!

Thanks for al the great advice. I bought one of the chinese knock-offs of the CB6000 cage and loved it but it broke after a week – what do you suggest I buy instead?

Actually I think your’e probably best buying a real CB-6000. A week’s really not long enough to get used to it and the huge benefit of the plastic devices is you can get used to it and try all the different ring sizes and spacers (which most guys apparently find benefit from getting smaller over time). However, you really don’t want it splitting on you, so buy a proper one – and again, I’m going to recommend Lovehoney as not only do they obviously replace it if it did break but if you have a whole year to decide if it’s the right one for you!

And as such I really suggest (unless you have a really big willy) that you try the small version. I was reading somewhere yet again that small is almost always better as you don’t get the painful night time erection problem so much, plus it’s way cuter to have have it all snug and tight rather than spare space at the end (well I think so).

So this is my recommendation, give it a few months. Get used to it, figure out what size you settle down with. Then if you don’t want it you can always send it back, but actually I still think plastic ones are really useful for travelling etc

CB-6000S from Lovehoney – go on, you know you want to!

Once you’ve made sure you can handle and enjoy what a plastic cage has to offer then sure, it’s worth upgrading to metal options.