Strap-on offer at Lovehoney

What with the post I just made about strap ons I checked Lovehoney and the US site have a nice offer of a free vibe with lots of the strap-ons – cool!

Free bullet vibe with a strap-on purchase –

It’s on sale in the UK but you don’t get the free vibe, sorry!

This is the one we use (the dildo with it is SO nice)

and you can fit the King Cock big dildo in it very nicely too, plus, very relevantly it has a little pocket perfect for the bullet vibe down the middle so it vibes your clit if you’re wearing it!

There is a strap on with the kingcock dildo already in it included in the offer BUT we prefer the above one as it has two straps at the base which go AROUND the cock cage if he’s wearing it, whereas this one only has one strap so doesnt’ work so well like that:

Also the purple dildo is great for you using it on him if you dare to try pegging (and you really should, he almost definitely wants you to try and it can be very sensual, I promise! (It’s also super empowering trust me – find more on it on the blog here:

Other offers for Lovehoney right now:

Save 15% when you spend $50 – US

20% off £45 spend – UK

I hope some of those help!

It’s very hot to give him the choice, when he’s ‘owed’ an orgasm for whatever reason, whisper right in his ear when’s he’s close (but not completely on the edge) 

‘What do you really want baby? Do you want to shoot your load, or would you rather I just keep you like this, just keep stroking, and then stop, and lock you up and deny you?’

You tell me darling, whisper it, ‘let me cum’ or ‘deny me’ and watch the arousal and torment as they have to choose.

I speak from experience on this as hubby used to make me choose when he denied me, and it’s just crazy – I usually picked ‘deny me’ lol

The best thing is you can ignore them anyway and do either, whatever you think is hottest, as you make the rules when it comes to them cumming. They’ll love it if you do that too!

How great is orgasm denial lol