Thanks for the new cage review. Can i ask what the dimensions the urethra plug is and what size ring did you order and how did you measure for ring and did the size ring work out from your measurements. Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

Umm, looking at it I’d guess 7 or 8mm width on the metal part and the tube is about 6mm. It’s about 13cm long, we’d cut it down I guess before using it, that seems LOOOONG. I don’t want it to work as a catheter…

The base ring size was 45mm and is a very good fit. We had had previous cages that had similar ring sizes. 40mm is tight but useable, 45mm is comfy. 50mm would be too big for hubby I think. 

There are measuring instructions on their site but don’t forget the fact that one of the HUGE advantages of buying from Toys4naughtyboys is they have a 30 day return so if it’s not right, just switch it! And unlike buying from China, you won’t have two months to wait…

But also note you can buy spare rings for lots of the cages from them for under £10, so you may want to get a small and medium just because some days you’ll fancy one and other times another.

Hey love the cage reviews keep them coming!!! I’m looking for a the best steel one I can find!!! Need to switch off the HOLY trainer! I came in it once without any touching!!

Thank you! I did like awarding the scores out of ten!!! lol

I think you can cum in almost any cage if you really try hard enough but the holy trainer is all encasing so if it’s very lubed it’s a bit like a fleshlight toy I guess?

But yes, this and the Tight Squeeze are our two favourite cages right now.

Cock cage review The Arc


We’ve recently found a wonderful new sex toy store that specialises in chastity cages! They’ve been kind enough to send us a few cages to try out and here’s a review of one of our new favourites – The Arc. Here’s the review by hubby and me.

When we first looked at the photo of this cock cage we were both a bit intimidated as it has a urethral device featured that looked, well pretty serious! 

Here’s the first thing to note, it’s completely optional! In fact we haven’t used it with the tube at all yet. The tube comes as a separate piece and while it attaches really nicely, the cage works just as well without it.

So this is our review of the cage as it is without the tube for now.

It’s a stainless steel device which appears to be very good quality. All the welds etc are very neat and it’s smooth on the inside which is what you’d hope (but don’t always get with some of the ones we’ve had before).

There are three key features we like about this cage. Firstly, as with more and more of the recent designs, it has an integrated lock. Now I know people do like the whole symbolism of a padlock and I get that, but this is so much neater, no clanking padlock sound to have to deal with either, and is a very secure option.

The key slides into the barrel of the lock, turns the end locking piece and then the whole thing slides out with the key to unlock the cage. The keys are bigger than the ones you get with the little padlocks, but they are still smaller than a standard house key.

The second feature to highlight is the ergonomically shaped base ring. Hubby reports it’s very comfortable and ranks up there with the most comfortable he’s ever worn. It’s not hugely better than the simple circular rings but there are no downsides to it either. 

It features two holes that prongs on the cage itself slide into, as you can see below. This means it’s super solid and the gap is very well fixed. No pinched ball sacs as with some of the other designs that lack that.


It’s solid, a good fit, and absolutely does not leave room for any accidental escape. It’s a little bit heavier than just a normal ring on something like the TIght Squeeze, but nothing he’s noticed in day to day wear.

Lastly I really like the cock part of the design. The rings are flattened, not round, which I think is attractive, and then head is very well enclosed with 8 bars meaning it’s got a very solid, locked in feel to it.

Now the downside to that last feature is it’s harder to pee in than ones with the tip that is open, as the bars and ring in the middle can get in the way. But hubby’s feedback on that was it was ‘weirdly easy’ to pee in it. He can do it standing up but sitting is obviously safer.

Very handily hubby has a pretty average sized cock (I’m not being mean, just saying! :P) and he’s a grower not a show-er. So he fits in this perfectly. It’s still a small cage though, you aren’t going to fit in this without a lot of work if you’re big or a show-er. But otherwise it’s snug but not tiny (we have a tiny one we’re reviewing which is hilarious…).

As I said we are yet to try the urethral tube so we’ll update that, but it’s really nicely made, a long tube you can cut to size with two high quality end pieces that look very secure,as you’d hope for where you’re sticking it!

So to summarise (we thought we’d try to standardise these reviews a bit going forward!)

Looks – 9/10
One of the best looking cages we own.

Quality – 9/10
Tiny imperfections in the welding but we really had to look. Good quality stainless steel (but not medical grade like the very top cages).

Functionality – 9/10
The integrated lock, semi-closed tip and curved base ring are all very nice, plus the urethral tube if that’s your thing.

Security – 7/10
As with any ball trap device he can pull out if he wants,but he can’t get it off completley. This is about as good as it gets without a PA piercing

Value – 9/10
At just a tenth of what a custom metal cage would cost it’s a real bargain. Throw in the fact you get the urethral tube for free it’s especially good. Personally I’d like to see a version available without the tube too, but remember it’s totally optional, we haven’t used it at all (yet! lol)

Price – £34.99 from Toys4NaughtyBoys


Michael never could have imagined how serious Jodi had been the night before. Knowing that Saturday was supposed to be a chilly, blustery day he’d asked her if there was anything she wanted to do that day. In a calm voice she replied, “Nah, I don’t think so. Let’s just stay home and then I’ll keep your cock hard all day long.”

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