Okay so, caution before you hit play on this, it’s a long video of a woman performing analingus on a guy but.. OMG SHE MAKES HIM CUM JUST FROM THAT!!!

How… what… that’s crazy! Obviously the first question is, can hubby make ME cum from this?!! lol But now damn, I’ve never been a big one for licking his bum (one of the few things he does more to me than I return) but, this is a serious challenge! I need to try this now! lol I imagine the trick is get him very close first but who knows…

I’ve actually really loved discovering new ways to make him cum, it’s been one of the big surprises of caging. When I was more sub it was pretty standard hand job or blow job or he fucks me for his orgasms but… the first time I used a dildo on him last year and made him cum IN HIS CAGE was so exciting, and we’ve managed it a few times pegging too.

We had an incredible time recently where I was behind him, my favourite pegging position is very intimately spooning him, where I can stroke his cock (if it isn’t caged) and play with his nipples and he just can’t do anything but moan and writhe. I just wrap my arms around him and feel all his strength at my control. So hot. And got him to the point where just the tiniest movements of the strap on kept him on edge. I was so torn between just keeping him there, and pushing him down and just fucking him hard which I’m sure would have made him explode. But I’m clearly getting more disciplined, as I just left him like that, right on the edge, holding him tight. He honestly couldn’t speak it was so intense. Amazing stuff!

More to explore though, I really want to master the whole milking thing where his cum just flows out, for some reason that’s so hot. Exciting!





Illustrations from the Cosmopolitan article “5 Perfect Sex Positions for Pegging Your Man” by Jill Hamilton. 

Read it at http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/positions/news/g5329/sex-positions-for-pegging/

It’s happening: Pegging is going mainstream. Straight men are admitting their desire to be fucked up the ass (by women) and women are happy that they can fulfill a desire of their own: To reverse gender roles and fuck those male asses they find so irresistible.

Great stuff

Very good

Need I say more!

Amazing this is in Cosmo, but it misses out the best one IMO, which is spooning him so you can reach around and edge him at the same time. Sexy and intimate, definitely my favourite.
Inspired to try it in the shower though, haven’t done that!


Lay back. Watch. See my wet lips quiver as they are about to finally be satisfied of my craving for your cock.

My lips part and slide around the head, softly hugging it, my tongue swirling the precum around and savoring the taste. I’ve been anticipating this moment…


Locked back up for another week!