10 Chastity / Forced denial Benefits.


I’ve listed what i consider to be the 10 most positive things you can gain from Chastity or any form of long term or forced denial.

  1. It stops your man from wasting his time and libido masturbating. If you are in a relationship, all of his sexual energy should be directed at you. It should not be wasted on him touching himself and thinking about other women. As long as he can masturbate, he is psychologically cheating on you – and lying to you by default. Even if your man is only thinking about you when he has fun alone he is lowering his testosterone which should be built up so he can please you better and more frequently.                              
  2. Your sex life will improve. Because he’ll have to please you in order to get his release, he’ll become a more experimental and better lover. You will have more orgasms and more massages  per week than you’ve ever had before.                         
  3. Your relationship will become stronger. Male chastity encourages open and honest communication about each others needs. This is an incredible benefit for any couple, and forced denial can help any couple improve their natural bonding not to mention will make him more attentive, passionate and caring.                                                                               
  4. His orgasms will improve. As long as he can masturbate regularly, he is taking action that desensitizes his penis. Once he is on a more normal ejaculation schedule, his penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger, usually he will last longer in bed too because cumming alone they do it in a few minutes and get used to that, after chastity I’ve seen men that could only go 5 minutes last a half hour after some training being locked up, this does not apply to all men but I’ve definitely seen mens duration improve from denial.                                                           
  5. You’ll never have to worry about him cheating on you. Face it – most men, no matter how much they love their girlfriends, can’t turn down an opportunity with another woman you’re likely never to find out about. Male chastity makes it impossible for him to act on these urges, this enforced that he remain faithful. This is perfect if you’re in a long distance relationship it also ensures he stays locked up thinking about you for days at a time eager to please.                                                               
  6. The romance will improve in your relationship. As long as he knows he can have cum any time he wants, there’s no reason for him to romance you. That’s why the romance stopped after awhile. By limiting his sexual access to you, you’ll train him to be the romantic lover he was when you were still dating.                                                                                           
  7. You’ll never have to put effort into pleasing him ( blowjobs, handjobs ). Of course, you can if you want to; but he’ll be quite happy with any sort of release / stimulation, you could give him a single lick and he would thank you for it ( well, he better 😉  its good to use these things against him, teasing is just as important as denial. they go hand in hand.                                        
  8. Your friends will compliment you on what a wonderful, attentive boyfriend you have. They will be jealous of your strong, committed relationship. No man is as ideal as one constantly denied.                        
  9. He’ll become much more helpful around the house. Knowing that the only way he can get the release his body craves so badly is by pleasing you, he’ll actually volunteer to do the dishes, clean the bathroom and make the bed every morning. Won’t that be nice?                                                       
  10. He’ll feel better about himself. Most men are ashamed that they masturbate so often (usually seven to 15 times a weeks!). But, they are slaves to their libido and can’t help themselves. It’s an addiction. Mostly it makes them feel like little boys who can’t control themselves. Once he no longer is able to give into the temptation to masturbate, he’ll feel proud of his self-control and behave more like a man who releases his sexuality into his girlfriend, instead of down the shower drain.

In summary, you will get a lot more pleasure in any way you want, and he will be stuck in a state of arousal that keeps him addicted to you more then he could have been before, he will do more chores, he will be more attentive, passionate, loving, last longer, be eager to please you, and will never cheat.

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Just remember to keep it Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Yours truly

-Tatiana xoxo     http://maleslaveswanted.tumblr.com/ 

So this is more about longer term denial but I quite liked what it was saying. Although I’m not into fem domme much at all, apart from when we actually play together and the situation requires that, I’m quite intrigued to find out which of these are actually true.

The ruined orgasm challenge

So I saw this on http://beautifulsecrets42.tumblr.com/ and loved the idea but there were bits of it I didn’t like so I’ve changed some, hope you like my take on it. I’d keep him caged in between most of the tasks, just to add to the experience, but I guess that’s not necessary, just fun!

This is a challenge for couples, in which he accepts to have all his orgasms ruined until all “10 ruined challenges” are achieved. All the challenges must be completed before being allowed a real orgasm. The challenges can be done in the order of your choice but try to finish with the last one.

1 – Jerk off in front of her and let go of your cock as soon as you start cumming. You can cum on your own belly or on the floor…

2 – She must edge you with a blowjob. When you start to cum she will let your cock out of her mouth and just watch you squirt.

3 – You must fuck her and ruin your orgasm on her skin, and then lick it up

4 – You must be eating her out, in 69, or sideways 69 or her sitting on your face as she jerks you off, and she is to ruin you as she orgasms herself.

5 – You must have 3 ruined orgasms in one hour with her help. If you fail, the task won’t be completed…

6 – You will be edged five times during the day, starting in bed in the morning, and then only ruined last thing at night in the manner of her choosing.

7 – You must find a way to cum in her mouth with a ruined orgasm and then she will kiss you and you share the cum

8 – Have a ruined orgasm while fully clothed. She will “dry-hump” you over your clothes and stop all stimulation when you will start cumming…

9 – Have a ruined orgasm after being teased and denied for at least 2 hours. Try to shoot the cum into your mouth for fun…

10 – You will be tied while she will tease you. After ten edges she will make you cum and only stop rubbing as you ejaculate, but then immediately resume and use your cum as lube to keep masturbating you while you’re super sensitive. She must not stop unless you use a safeword. Have NO mercy! The objective is to make you orgasm again but she can stop after at least ten minutes of ‘torture’ if she doesn’t think you will. If this is the last one then the second orgasm can be a full one as your reward for finishing.

Thanks to “Teasingfun”

Girl Gives a full on Handjob on Tied Guy with post orgasm torture – Pornhub.com

Girl Gives a full on Handjob on Tied Guy with post orgasm torture – Pornhub.com

This is a great idea! I love the challenge both of us have, and I like the dinner idea for me, but it doesn’t work so well for him. I think a better prize for him would be something like anal sex or sucking his cock while he plays a computer game. He might come up with something else too, I’ll let you know if he does!

Safewords – quite liberating

Something hubby introduced that I hadn’t really thought about was the use of safewords into our denial play. I knew what they were but as it didn’t involve any kind of risky stuff some people try I hadn’t considered they’d be of any use to use. But he brought it up when he begged me not to do something (ruin his orgasm as it happens) and I said, ‘okay’. What he really wanted to do, he told me, was enjoy watching me be mean and do it anyway. 

So he suggested we use safewords, not to stop us if anything was hurting too much, well I guess we would use it for that, but mainly for him to use if he really meant that he wasn’t sure about something I was going to do.

So simply, YELLOW means, ‘hold on, I’m serious about not being sure about this, let’s just be careful and see how it goes’ and RED means ‘Stop now, and let’s talk this through properly’.

He’s actually never used them, but that’s not the point really, the difference it’s made is that I am free to have much more fun teasing him knowing that any complaints he makes are just part of the game. It’s been pretty liberating actually, instead of worrying when he complained about things now I know he’s just teasing too and it actually spurs me on!