Why I love our strap-on…


So, one of the big surprises in our last year of exploring chastity and denial play has been how big a role the strap-on has become in our sex life. It’s still something we only use maybe once a week, twice at most, but this time last year even the idea of that would have been unbelievable!

A couple of months after we bought our first cage (which we still regularly use, the CB-6000s), we were sex toy shopping again and having seen lots more chastity captions on here which involved a strap-on, we decided to get one.

So we first bought a strap-on harness kit from Lovehoney:


Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo

It’s really, really good! The dildo it comes with is silicone and honestly the softest smoothest toy I’ve ever played with. It’s a nice size too, with a curve that you can have upwards or downwards (I really like both actually) and it’s nice and slim too which came in very useful later…

It’s remarkably stable and has a little pocket in it to place a vibe so it vibrates a bit and if I wear it it’s near my clit, which is brilliant!

But we didn’t really buy it for ME to wear… it was for HIM to use on me!

Hubby’s got a pretty average sized cock, don’t get me wrong, I love it dearly (even though we’ve both got into size teasing for some reason it turns us both on…) but this is bigger and stayed hard, well, forever!

I’ve never cum JUST from hubby fucking me with his cock, I just thought it was something that I couldn’t do. Turns out, I can!

After trying it a few times we decided to really go for it, and we did it much longer than we’d normally go (as he’d have cum) and BOOM, I came from it, it was amazing! I’ve had g-spot orgasms before but somehow it not being a finger or a toy but my husband putting all his effort into it made it so much more.

So, the fact I’d cum with it, combined with the fact I was getting a bit obsessed with big cocks (just read back on this blog and you’ll see lol) meant that for Mother’s Day (yes, really!)  hubby got me this:


It’s not called the 

King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 8.5 Inch for nothing… Seriously, I can’t even get my fingers around it, it’s remarkable!

What I hadn’t realised was the strap on harness could take different size dildos, so this monster went right in. And the fact it’s realistic, I don’t know, for some reason that’s even sexier. This is the cock hubby wishes he could have, and now he does! Just his actual cock is sitting below it, caged up – it’s hard to describe how hot that is…

I know it sounds pretty twisted, and yeah, okay, there’s a bit in both of us that gets off on that, but ultimately, it’s JUST A SEX TOY. The fact it straps onto him rather than he uses it on me with his hand (which he does too) is just another way of him using it on me, and it’s the best way because we get to ‘make love’ with it, we can be face to face, kissing, holding each other, and it makes me cum from him fucking me, every single damn time we use it. Something that we could never do without a vibe on my clit before.

Plus he says that he actually likes the fact he can just keep going without anxiety about losing his hard on. Don’t get me wrong, he still way prefers to actually make love but this is a lot of fun, for both of us, and obviously works brilliantly with him being caged.

There’s new positions we can do that we never really did before, and especially being taken from behind the extra length makes a world of difference. We had the most ridiculously hot night recently where he was so horny and wanted to get out of the cage but I made him wear this instead, and well he basically threw me down and rage fucked me from behind, and it just went on and on because 1. he didn’t cum, and 2. he stayed ‘hard’. It was extraordinary, and no, I couldn’t walk in a straight line the next day. I was sore in all the right ways and I definitely want that again. Fuck, I want it now to tell you the truth! lol

Another twist though, which we have only used the purple one with so far, was him wearing it and NOT being caged… yep, him hard, the dildo too… can you guess how that works? Double penetration… mind blowing, for both of us, the dildo in my pussy, his cock in my bum, so so hot. Although he came before I got to lol, but we’ll be trying that again!

So, that’s LOTS of reasons why we love a strap on, but that’s only half the story!

So, the other ‘turnaround’ was ME wearing the strap on and using it on him! 

Now I think about it I guess that’s a main use for them in a straight couple but we’d bought it more with him wearing it in mind. But he clearly liked the idea so we thought we’d try it out.

The thing about pegging, at least on Tumblr, where I’ve seen it most, is that it is often portrayed as some violent, demeaning act of domination. That’s not our style.

What we discovered is that it doesn’t have to be like that, it can in fact be very sexy, intimate and loving (or you can just be wild too lol).

We were already very comfortable with anal play, both ways, and that’s a massive help. Simple rules: make sure you’re immaculately clean, and use lots of lube and it can be a lot of fun. If you’ve never done anything anal then pegging isn’t the way to start, a finger, a little toy, a butt plug, experiment with all those first. 

Guys have a huge advantage over us in that they have the prostate up there which can be easily stimulated to orgasm (women can cum from anal but I’m not really sure how it works, mostly mental I’d guess, I haven’t ever personally.) But seriously, think about that, guys are designed to be able to cum from ass play, see, makes up for us having a clit and a g-spot lol

So my absolute favourite way to peg him is spooning, (which I can’t find any pictures of but that one above was cute), but lying behind him, reaching around playing with his cock (if uncaged) and balls and most of all nipples. But the biggest thing is holding him tight and feeling him react as I slide the dildo into him. It’s amazing!

What’s more, he cums (sometimes) from this! And the hottest bit, when he’s being caged, is not even letting him out, fucking him and making him cum while still locked up. He says it’s very different from a normal orgasm. The best is when I’m combining stroking him and the pegging (no surprise), as that’s the biggest orgasm he can have. But if it’s JUST from the pegging it’s like half way between an orgasm and a ruin. (I personally love it when he’s in a plastic cage and it fills up with cum – and I make him leave it like that all night – his turn for the leaky wetspot! lol

The position below is my next favourite as I can see his reaction, and most of all how much he ADORES it when I reach down and stroke his cock at the same time, and when I say love I meanly total bliss and completely lost in it. Amazing position to edge or ruin him from too, if his hands are tied all the better.

More recently though I HAVE got into the more classic ‘fuck him from behind’ thing though. Maybe I’m getting more domme, but having him over the edge of the bed (doggy style didn’t work so well) and just pushing into him hard and going for it – well let’s just say I see the attraction of why he loves doing it to me, it makes you feel very powerful.

Anyway I hope all those ideas have been useful, and that you’ll not think a strap on is such a scary idea and give it a go, we’ve loved it!

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Exploring reblogging some favourites with naughty pictures removed (I wonder if the dildo counts…)

Dear Jane, Your tumblr blog keephimcaged is fantastic. I have learned a lot and borrowed a number of great ideas from your posts. As with a lot of us on Tumblr, I am not looking forward to the Dec. 17th changes. Do you have another blog or an alternative? Cheers

Thanks for ALL the lovely comments about this everyone. Sorry for the slow reply, busy with real life!

What a shame this is, it seems like they are taking the lazy, easy way out and closing down what can be a wonderful, positive, and sexy community.

However, as far as I can see it’s not a complete disaster. The blog won’t be closed down, it just won’t let us use pictures with genitals or women’s nipples (how stupid is that). Now obviously that cuts out a lot of what I reblog, and that’s sad, but all the advice and tasks and things I write should be fine. So firstly we don’t plan on going anywhere.

However hubby was clever and saw this all coming and so you may have noticed that the blog is actually a proper website name www.keephimcaged.com so make sure to bookmark that so you can always find us.

So the plan will be to make that into a website where you can always find us and have some of our basic advice and stuff on there, and then keep this blog going without the naked pictures. But it’ll be a good way of communicating with everyone.

If we find another way of creating a stream of hot pics and captions which is what we mostly use tumblr for anyway then we’ll be sure to share it.

I hope that answers your questions

Jane xxx